The Greening of Pope Francis

Pope Francis is poised, within the next two or three months, to announce one of the signature documents of his papacy, an encyclical on climate change. And we can hope and pray that it will be “world-changing” in the very best sense of that expression.

Interview: Talking Hillary Clinton with Bill Martinez

Listen below to Dr. Reid’s recent interview with Bill Martinez on Rapid Fire Radio, discussing Hillary Clinton’s viability as a presidential candidate and what the American people need from their leaders.

Vladimir Putin’s Culture of Terror: Interview

Dr. Reid was interviewed on Prime Time Drive at Jackson, Tennessee’s News Talk station, 101.5 FM. In the interview, he talked about Russia, specifically Putin, and the evils of his regime. In 1984 and 1985, Professor Reid organized a series of symposia during his time at the Catholic University of America and edited these into a book entitled… Read more »

No Evolution Deniers in the White House

To doubt evolution at this late date is to reveal oneself to be willfully, invincibly ignorant of basic scientific principles. And there is no room in the Oval Office — none — for the scientifically illiterate.

President Obama at the Prayer Breakfast

This post appeared originally on February 9, 2015 at my Huffington Post Column. James Gilmore, the former Virginia Governor, has it wrong. Indeed, Governor Gilmore committed a categorical falsehood. What did Governor Gilmore say? He pretended to speak for all Christians when he declared that President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast “offended every… Read more »