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Confederate Ideology and the Second Amendment

This post appeared originally at my Huffington Post column on June 23, 2015. It is all to the good that the Confederate flag is now being seen as odious and hateful by most Americans. It truly has been a symbol of hate and injustice going all the way back. In the Civil War it was used to rally slave-holders… Read more »

Can You Trump That?

This post appeared originally on my Huffington Post column, published May 13, 2015. Donald Trump has teased the voting public before. He has flirted several times with the possibility of running for president. In 2012, he even rose to near the top of some early opinion polls. Each time, however, Trump backed away from an… Read more »

Does He Have a Prayer? Mike Huckabee Runs for President

This post appeared originally at my Huffington Post column on May 6, 2015. In 2008, Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas made a strong run for the Republican nomination for president. He won the Iowa caucus and carried over four million popular votes across the length of the Republican primary. In the wake of the nominating… Read more »

Interview: Talking Hillary Clinton with Bill Martinez

Listen below to Dr. Reid’s recent interview with Bill Martinez on Rapid Fire Radio, discussing Hillary Clinton’s viability as a presidential candidate and what the American people need from their leaders.

Vladimir Putin’s Culture of Terror: Interview

Dr. Reid was interviewed on Prime Time Drive at Jackson, Tennessee’s News Talk station, 101.5 FM. In the interview, he talked about Russia, specifically Putin, and the evils of his regime. In 1984 and 1985, Professor Reid organized a series of symposia during his time at the Catholic University of America and edited these into a book entitled… Read more »

No Evolution Deniers in the White House

To doubt evolution at this late date is to reveal oneself to be willfully, invincibly ignorant of basic scientific principles. And there is no room in the Oval Office — none — for the scientifically illiterate.

Pope Francis, Papal Diplomacy and US-Cuban Relations

Pope Francis is clearly making a name for himself as a world-historical figure. He has gained great respect for his efforts to reform the Catholic Church internally — by cleaning up the Vatican Bank, by restructuring the Curia, by opening up debates over divorced and gay Catholics. These accomplishments alone are significant. He is changing… Read more »

A Radical, Romantic Conservative: Explaining Vladimir Putin

Sergei Illiaronov informed the press a few days ago that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has an insatiable appetite. He intends to return to Russia’s control all of the territory once held by Czar Nicholas II (reigned 1896-1918), including the independent Baltic states, Belarus, and even Finland. Illiaronov knows Vladimir Putin well. He served as Putin’s chief… Read more »

Explaining America’s New Place in the World

There has been a near constant stream of commentary from right-wing pundits claiming that America is in a headlong retreat from the world and that it is all President Obama’s fault. If the President only stood taller, if he only spoke louder, if he only rolled up his sleeves and flexed his biceps, then the… Read more »

Nullification: The Shame of Missouri

White supremacists and slave owners invented the doctrine of nullification — the idea that the States possess the right to defy federal law where a State has concluded that the law in question was unconstitutional. Most Americans, I am sure, were confident that this idea died a well-deserved death at the time of the Civil… Read more »