Sex & Marriage

The Irish Referendum and the Future of Catholicism

This post appeared originally at my Huffington Post column on May 27, 2015. Ireland is a Catholic country. The Church has filled a leading role in society not only in modern times, but ever since the early middle ages. One need only think of St. Patrick and St. Bridget, the great monasteries, and the beautiful works of art and… Read more »

What Genesis Says About Marriage: It’s Not What You Think

This post appeared originally in my Huffington Post column on April 19, 2015. There are many Christians, especially fundamentalists, who remain convinced that the Book of Genesis establishes life-long monogamous marriage between one man and one woman as the sole biblically-approved form of marital union. This is a viewpoint shared by popular writers and even… Read more »


On March 5, 2014, Pope Francis sat for an interview with Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s major newspapers.  Once again, it was an interview that proved highly newsworthy for two reasons. First, where gay couples are concerned, the Pope endorsed the possibility of civil unions.  He recognized that such relationships may be necessary in order… Read more »

May a man marry a man?

I have written a new law review article which explores a series of medieval legal texts that debate the question, “may a marry a man?”

The Married Apostles and What They Mean Today

Think of the Apostles and what images come to mind? Chances are it is of some gray-bearded men, advanced in years — in their fifties perhaps, or even substantially older. If it is St. Paul you are conjuring up, he probably looks intense, thin, wide-eyed. And if it is St. Peter you have in mind,… Read more »

Why I changed my mind about same-sex marriage

As a matter of public understanding, marriage today can only be grounded on love and commitment, not on procreation. As a Catholic, I still understand marriage in my faith tradition to unite the procreative and affective ideals.

Marriage Equality: How I Changed My Mind

From 2003 to 2009, I wrote a series of historically grounded papers that reached the common conclusion that marriage equality was a radical departure from the western tradition and so, for that reason, should be rejected as a matter of public policy. I have now changed my mind. While there is no question that marriage… Read more »

May supporters of marriage equality receive communion?

I encourage you to read my blogs at the Huffington Post, particularly the latest on whether  a Catholic who upholds marriage equality receive Holy Communion. I’ve included an excerpt below and a link to the entire post for your convenience.