How Will Pope Francis Change America?

Originally published at The Huffington Post, September 20, 2015. When Pope John Paul II visited Poland in June, 1979, he set in motion a chain of events that altered the direction of world affairs. His visit emboldened the non-violent resistance to the Soviet presence in Poland. A mere decade later, the Cold War was over,… Read more »

The Night the GOP Establishment Lost

Originally published on my Huffington Post column, September 17, 2015. There was a loser in CNN’s Republican debate held on September 16 and that loser was the Republican establishment. Jeb Bush entered the race last summer as the hundred-million-dollar man. His campaign was — and remains — heavily supported by the nation’s financial elites. It… Read more »

What Pope Francis Must Say to Donald Trump

Originally published on my Huffington Post column, August 27, 2015. There is a rising tide of nativism washing over the United States at this particular moment. We have seen such waves recurrently in our history. In the 1840s, it was the Know-Nothings, who hated Catholics and opposed Irish immigration and were even responsible for riots… Read more »

Big Money In Politics: Republican Debate Edition

Originally published at The Huffington Post, August 7, 2015 Donald Trump was the center of attention in Thursday evening’s (August 6) Republican debate, and he was everything one expected him to be. He was crude, he was sexist, he was condescending and insulting — not just to the American public, but to other nations and… Read more »

Confederate Ideology and the Second Amendment

This post appeared originally at my Huffington Post column on June 23, 2015. It is all to the good that the Confederate flag is now being seen as odious and hateful by most Americans. It truly has been a symbol of hate and injustice going all the way back. In the Civil War it was used to rally slave-holders… Read more »

Interview: Talking Hillary Clinton with Bill Martinez

Listen below to Dr. Reid’s recent interview with Bill Martinez on Rapid Fire Radio, discussing Hillary Clinton’s viability as a presidential candidate and what the American people need from their leaders.

Vladimir Putin’s Culture of Terror: Interview

Dr. Reid was interviewed on Prime Time Drive at Jackson, Tennessee’s News Talk station, 101.5 FM. In the interview, he talked about Russia, specifically Putin, and the evils of his regime. In 1984 and 1985, Professor Reid organized a series of symposia during his time at the Catholic University of America and edited these into a book entitled… Read more »

President Obama at the Prayer Breakfast

This post appeared originally on February 9, 2015 at my Huffington Post Column. James Gilmore, the former Virginia Governor, has it wrong. Indeed, Governor Gilmore committed a categorical falsehood. What did Governor Gilmore say? He pretended to speak for all Christians when he declared that President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast “offended every… Read more »

Pope Francis, Papal Diplomacy and US-Cuban Relations

Pope Francis is clearly making a name for himself as a world-historical figure. He has gained great respect for his efforts to reform the Catholic Church internally — by cleaning up the Vatican Bank, by restructuring the Curia, by opening up debates over divorced and gay Catholics. These accomplishments alone are significant. He is changing… Read more »